Arthur Fries em in Vigo 

Chi Oppie maestro Arthur Fry closed out his European season with victory at the Semana del Atlantico Ciudad de Vigo earlier this month. The 39th Trofeo Martin Barreiro hosted by the Real Club Nautico de Vigo attracted over 180 Optimist sailors from all over Europe and Arthur having spent a week at the venue honing his local knowledge put them to the sword.

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Toes not so Frozen for winter openers 

Pic © Mark Green 2014

Clearly, the weather having blown old boots for the previous 72 hours, was exhausted come Remembrance Sunday for there was not a ripple on the water as the protagonists arrived for the first two races of Chichester YC’s Frozen Toe series. Actually this made for a magical two minutes silence as the competitors and race team paused for reflection and remembrance while taking in the beauty and tranquillity of the harbour. The lack of breeze forced Race Officer Nick Colbourne to order a postponement before setting a modified “M” course to challenge the fleet in the fickle conditions. The Slow Fleet making use of the time to draw dinosaurs on the briefing board while the adults wasted their time drinking coffee.

As usual, the Fast Fleet were first away with two CYC RS400s making the early running together with Newhaven & Seaford’s Jonty Freeman in his beautifully restored classic Merlin Rocket. Up the first beat the Ellimans played the shifts well to extend a significant lead and so it stayed until they went too far east on the penultimate downwind leg and fell into wind hole allowing the fleet to close up to create a tight tussle down final reach and drive for the line. While the Elliman’s took it on the water Freeman with crew Neil Arnott claimed the spoils on corrected time. In the medium fleet, Jason and Sonia Kirk in their 2000 fought it out for the on the water honours with CYC Laser open winner Ritchie Bailey from Emsworth with the corrected time margin a wafer thin two tenths of a second in favour of the Kirks. In the Slow fleet the Birdham Half Pint winner Izzy Loveridge continued her winning ways in her Topper with a 30second victory over Harriet Kirk.

In the second race the fast fleet contest was over by the end of the second leg with the Ellimans escaping the wind hole at the first mark to establish an unassailable lead over Freeman & Arnott and Gideon & Gilly Ewers’ RS400. In the Medium fleet the Solos and Lasers were able to parlay their ability to go deep on the downwind legs to negate the upwind speed of the Kirk’s 2000 with Ian Lissamore clearly pleased with his new toy taking the top spot in the first outing in his new boat over Bailey in second and the Kirks one further back. In the Slow Fleet the top spots were reversed compared with the first race with Harriet edging out a 19 second victory over Izzy with Eliza South and Ed taking third.

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Now this looks inviting.... 

This just in from Sdn Ldr Lord Flasheart (aka Mark Harper) from a little recce mission yesterday. Doesn't it look inviting? Makes you want to get down to the club on Sunday for the Frozen Toe openers doesn't it? Fear not though it's yuccky today and gucky tomorrow (these are proper metorological terms you know) the forecast for Sunday is looking not bad at all with a nice 3-4 SW and temps still comfortably in double figures so come on down!

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Topper Half Term Hootenany 

Monday 28th October saw a very summer coached session for CYC topper section, 12 toppers booked in to what everyone thought was going to be a cold cold day being blown around the harbour. How wrong could we be ? With a fantastic sunny start the day just got better and better , nearly November yet driving the safety boat with just a T shirt on .
Under the watchful eye of Olivia all were divided into teams and spent the first 30 minutes around the whiteboard learning , listening and then presenting back important points around sailing.

Out on the water there were many exercises , training ideas and fun races including , new means to tack by running around then mast, new ways of sitting out " cruiser style" and general fun and games. Then on to the serious stuff of the fun races , where the competitive nature of all the sailors came in, laughs and fun could be heard across the harbour.

Some great capsizes , I not sure but I think Alex may of had one or two of them ?

All finished off with some chocolate cake and rocky road.

Big thanks to everyone Olivia for controlling them on the water, Laurie for help in pointing me in the right direction and all the mums and dads for their help.

Now who's up for some more in December ?

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Important coaching advice from Olivia.... 

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Kirks save the best for Last Gasp  
The lure of the closing weekend of the CYC’s summer programme and the chance to tangle for the Last Gasp Trophy not to mention the conclusion of the Birdham Barrel series convinced 38 sailors in 27 boats to sample the dish the weather gods and Race Officer Derek Jackman cooked up on the 26th. For those sailing the previous weekend the starter and main course in the form the day’s first two races was remarkably similar to the previous Sunday with a warm south-southwesterly calling for the same Longmore, Westlands, Heron, Lake circuit.

Pre-start bookies favourites were the always quick Jason & Sonia Kirk as well as holders Pete & Suzy Harrison looking to continue their dominance of the Fast Fleet the smart money was also looking at Lucy Boreham in her Europe and the Solo of Mark Harper to lead the classics challenge.
In race one the form book proved accurate with the first race running to the script with the corrected times revealing that the Kirks occupied the top spot with the Coxes second and Mark Harper In third.
For shoreside spectators the rapid progress of Luke “look no capsizes” South’s Musto Skiff , Tony Purser’s RS600 and Matt Ponsford & Olivia Winther in their 29er provided the day’s spectacular viewing, the latter claiming they would have gone faster but a mouse ate their best mainsail.
Meanwhile in the slow fleet the racing for the Birdham Half pint saw Izzy Loveridge facing a challenge from Charlie and Eliza South who, tired of beating up adults sailing their father's Laser, returned to their Toppers. At the line Charlie had taken first with Izzy one back and Eliza in third.

In race two, the on the water precedence remained the same with Luke “ok maybe a couple of dips” South blasting round in 47 minutes followed a minute and half later by the Matt & Olivia in the 29er. Corrected times again showing that the Kirks had secured their second bullet this time with Lucy Boreham finishing second and the Harrisons in third. In the Half Pint fleet the Charlie and Eliza sored a family one-two with Izzy having to settle for third.

After the break, OOD Jackman set a sprint course with reaching angles that played to the strengths of the asymmetrics and in a purple blur the 29er scorched round the course in a crisp 19mins followed 90 seconds later by a less blurred RS400 with Gideon Ewers and Louise Varley aboard. Neither did enough to save time on handicap however and corrected time saw the Harrisons take the top spot Matt and Olivia in second and Ian Payne and Meryl Deane in their RS200 in third. Despite the late charge the by the Harrisons the Kirks two bullets earlier in the day had secured the Last Gasp by a two point margin.
In the final Half Pint race Izzy stuck it out to claim 1st and the trophy for the series.

In the overall results for the Birdham Barrel series the Harrisons took First in the fast Fleet as well as the overall Trophy over John and Pauline Cox with Alistair and Manu Jenkin’s Xenon in third while in the Classic/Medium fleet Lucy Boreham secured an emphatic win over Mark Harper in second and Ian Lissamore in third.

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Get out there for a Last Gasp! 
Don’t forget! This weekend not only marks the end of summer time (boo hiss) - the upside it means an extra hour in bed (huzzah!) Which gives you more time to get down to the club for the last racing of the summer season ( a civilised start time this week as well)…and what’s more there’s still a pot to be won in the form of the Last Gasp Trophy which is to be decided on Sunday’s racing 3 races 2 to count. So c'mon you know it makes sense!

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Flying Fijian claims CYC Laser Crown 

Once again the weather gods dished up a Race Officer’s headache with the forecast 10-15 kts due for the scheduled 1230 start singularly failing to appear to the chagrin for the 30 Laser sailors who’d made the trip to Chichester Yacht Club’s Laser Open last Saturday – the final leg of this year’s Laser South Coast Grand Prix with racing for Standard, Radial and 4.7 Lasers. Prize for the furthest club represented, went to the Musket Cove Yacht Club which, as it turns out, is in Fiji.

After a delay of an hour and a half OOD Derek Jackman was able to get the fleets away on the first of a scheduled three races. In the Standard Fleet Lymington’s Nik Froud and “Fijian” Ritchie Bailey established a lead over the peloton early in the first beat and were left to trade punches for the next two and a half laps before Froud was able to extend away from Bailey with Fireball ace Richard Anderton taking third. Meanwhile in the Radials, the racing was a tighter affair with the fleet closing for a blanket finish after two laps Josh Bakker claiming first over Rob Beere and Tim Boon meanwhile fourth was declared a dead heat with the Race team unable to separate Liz Shepard and Sue Richie at the line. In the 4.7s David Perez-Perez from Arun demonstrated disturbing speed to claim first over Felpham’s Owen Aldous.

In the second race the breeze continued to build giving the fleet planing conditions on parts of the course. In the Standards on the fist leg Bailey and Froud succumbed to a challenge from Anderton who led round the top mark only to chuck it away while temporarily navigationally challenged on the second leg once leaving the door open for Bailey and Froud who finished in that order. As it turned out Anderton was scored OCS at the start allowing Nick Forster to claim third. Racing in the Radial fleet remained as tight as the first race with the entire fleet never separated by more than a minute. At the line Boon and Bakker had swopped places with Beere remaining consistent in second. In the 4.7s Perez-Perez once again dominated to the extent that he was ahead of the back marking Radials taking first to ensure his victory in the meeting. With the ebb tide well away OOD Jackman had concerns about depth at the bottom end of the course and decided to call the meeting after two races. The final results for the Standards requiring a two way tie break between Bailey and Froud with the former taking the spoils and a three way tie in the Radials between Baaker, Beere and Boon with the second race win in the second enough to seal it for CYC’s Boon.

L-R David Perez-Perez, Richard Bailey and Tim Boon

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