Merlin Rocket Open: Sunday 30th March 

Photo by Mark Green.

Sunday was a clear warm day with a light breeze from the south east, encouraging 21 visiting boats to turn up from clubs across the south for the Merlin Rocket Open meeting. The breeze had come up to about 8 – 10 knots by the start time of 10.30, with the spring tide flooding strongly. It was a very tactical first race to take advantage of wind shifts and varying tidal currents. Richard Whitworth & Alice Kingsworth from Parkstone won, from Tom Lonsdale & Alice Markham (UTSC) in 2nd, and David Hayes & Jonny Ratcliffe (HISC) in 3rd.
The second race saw a little more breeze, Hayes & Ratcliffe improving to take 1st place, Neal Jones & Dave Bosnia (HISC) 2nd, and Dan Allsop & William Carroll (Lyme Regis) 3rd.
Allsop & Carroll won the 3rd race, taking 2nd overall. Whitworth & Kingsworth came in 2nd, but gained 1st place overall to claim the trophy. Mike Calvert & Ian Garwood (Axe SC) finished 3rd, but dropped to 4th overall behind Hayes & Ratcliffe.
The spring season gets under way next weekend with the First Breath series.

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Snowflake 9 & 10 – Sunday 2 March 2014 
The forecast was uncertain, with grey skies and moderate breezes for the morning, increasing around midday. With a programmed 10.30 start but not much breeze, Race Officer Charlie Porter decided to set a W-shaped course for the fast and medium fleets, with 2 beats and 2 runs, the slow fleet missing out the 3rd mark to sail a V course. The breeze came up from the southwest, but remained shifty, with some frisky gusts developing.
The fast fleet was reduced to 8 starters for Race 9 of the series. Only the leaders managed to round the leeward mark, the rest of the fleet chasing it towards Dell Quay. The race was abandoned and the fleet sent ashore as the mark was recaptured and tethered to the seabed again. The race was restarted but by this time the gusts were strong enough to cause a few capsizes, and a number of boats retired. First over the line was the CYC Fireball of Andy Palmer-Felgate and Rich Anderson, but on handicap the Merlin Rocket of Neale Jones and Sam Adam (HISC) came out ahead, with the RS 200 of David and Fiona Sayce (HISC) in 3rd. Race 10 there were only 5 starters, 1st place going to the Fireball, with Jones & Adam 2nd, and the Sayces 3rd.
36 fast fleet boats competed in the series, which allows entry for the whole series or on a day by day basis. Several boats entered on only 1 or 2 days, but a total of 15 qualified for the series results. The top places all went to Merlin Rockets, the Shoreham teams of Warren & Oakey and Jackson & Gifford taking 1st and 2nd, and the Cockerills (HISC) in 3rd. These 3 were all level on 17 points nett, the final results being calculated on the number of 1st places. First CYC boats were the Fireball of Palmer-Felgate & Anderson in 11th place, and the Ellimans in their RS400 in 12th.
Single-handers dominated the 17 entrants in the medium fleet again, with Jerome Bakker (HISC) in his Solo taking 1st place in Race 9. Jimmy Carter (CYC) crossed the line first in his Laser, but earned 2nd on handicap, with Ray Collins (Laser, Locks SC) 3rd. In Race 10, Richard Bailey (Emsworth) in his Laser took first place with a clear lead on the water, followed by Bakker and Mark Harper (CYC) in Solos. Michael and Paula Olliff (CYC) in their 2000 put in a confident performance to cross the line in 2nd place, dropping to 4th on handicap.
The medium fleet had a total entry of 47 boats for the series, 21 of which qualified. The overall winner was Jerome Bakker, who competed in every race and counted three 1sts and three 2nds for his final score. In second place was Richard Bailey and third Mark Harper.
6 boats competed in the slow fleet, the Topper of Jess Carter (CYC) crossing the line first in Race 9, but losing out to Thomas Weston and Patrick Jefferies from Itchenor in their Mirror on handicap. In 3rd place was another Itchenor Mirror, sailed by Edward and Celia Hansell. Jess Carter was the only one tough enough to compete in Race 10, gaining her another bullet to count in the series.
Overall results for the slow fleet gave Carter a well-deserved 1st place, with four 1st and two 2nd places to count. Second overall was Howard Lane of Lancing (Topper) and 3rd the Hansells.
A total of 106 boats entered the series, 43 qualifying. By a complicated formula involving square roots, the number of qualifiers and other mysterious factors, it was determined that the overall trophy winner was Jerome Bakker, with Jess Carter 2nd, and Richard Bailey 3rd. So although they did not win the best chocolates, we expect the Merlin Rockets will be back in force for the CYC Open meeting on Sunday 30th March.

Jerome Bakker, overall series winner.

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Snowflake 7 & 8: sunday 16 February 
The rain stopped and the sun came out for the Snowflake, and after a short postponement the breeze filled in to about 4-6 knots from the southwest – enough to start racing, but it remained shifty. Race Officer Nick Elliman set a long P course, with a shorter triangle for the slow fleet.
The fast fleet was smaller than of late, with 15 entrants, all visitors as CYC sailors took their turn to do duties. After a general recall for the first race, A Massey and Harvey Hillary from Itchenor shot round in their International 14, lapping most of the fleet to take 3rd on handicap behind the Merlin Rockets of William Warren & Mark Oakey (Shoreham) and Steve & Sarah Cockerill (HISC). By the end of the race the breeze had strengthened to 8-10 knots and shifted more towards the south, so the course was realigned to give a true beat to the windward mark. Race 8 saw the International 14 finishing a lap and a bit ahead to win, followed by the Merlin Rockets of Chris Jennings & Ally Martin and Ian & Ellie Sharps (all Burghfield). The leader board is topped by 3 Merlin Rockets: Warren & Oakey, Jackson & Gifford, and the Cockerills, all level on 13 points nett. With 2 races to go and another discard, the 14 could steal the prize if they turn up and perform on 2 March.
24 boats turned out for the medium fleet, 15 of them visitors. Although 3 CYC Lasers crossed the line ahead of them in Race 7, it was the Solos of Gerome Bakker (HISC), Ray Collins (Locks) and Mark Harper (CYC) which took the top 3 on handicap. For Race 8 the fleet was a bit too keen, and after a general recall the leading fast fleet boats had to thread their way through the crowded medium fleet start-line. Lasers again crossed the finish first, but the Solos claimed 1st (Bakker) and 2nd (Harper), with the Laser of Richard Bailey (Emsworth) in 3rd. Bakker, Bailey and Harper hold the top 3 places in the series to date.
There were 7 Toppers in the slow fleet, Jess Hodge (CYC) coming out of hibernation for Race 7 to show that it always pays to know the course, as all the boats ahead sailed away to the wrong mark. Jess Carter (CYC) made up a lot of ground to take 2nd, with Howard Lane (Lancing) 3rd. Race 8 was won by Jess Carter, followed by Charlotte Reading (CYC) and Jess Hodge. Carter holds the lead in the series so far, followed by Lane and the Mirror of Edward & Celia Hansell (Itchenor), with Reading close behind.
Races 9 & 10 are on Sunday 2nd March, starting at 10.30, followed by Prize-giving.

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Batt Sails - Employment Opportunities 

Our local sailmaker Batt Sails of Bosham has a number of employment opportunities. One position available is an APPRENTICE SAILMAKER. Would suit a 16-19 with a passion for sailing and practical. The position would work towards a recognised qualification as part of the National Apprenticeship Scheme. For more details please go to this direct link at: ... Index.html

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Snowflake 2014, races 5 & 6 
Photo montage by Laurie Winther.

The Snowflake Series was again lucky with the weather for races 5 and 6, with a perfect force 3-4.
The fast fleet of 23 entrants included 19 visiting boats, demonstrating the popularity of this series. A Massey and Harvey Hillary from Itchenor appeared for the first time in this series in their International 14, putting in a sparkling performance to finish a lap ahead of the rest in Race 5 and take 1st place. Following them, the Merlin Rockets of J Gorringe & Nick Bass from Parkstone, Alex Jackson & Fran Gifford (Shoreham), Steve & Sarah Cockerill (HISC) and Paul & Peter Jenkins took the next 4 places. In Race 6 the International 14 was again way ahead, followed by a pack of 7 Merlin Rockets led by Gorringe & Bass, then Jackson & Gifford. In the series to date, Jackson & Gifford are leading, just ahead of the Cockerills.
30 boats turned out for the medium fleet, 20 of them visitors. In Race 5, J Kalcaliner and M Watkins from Itchenor led round in their 420, closely followed by Jimmy Carter (CYC) in his Laser. Taking 2nd on handicap though was the Solo of Gerome Bakker (HISC). The first 2 places were repeated in Race 6, but 3rd went to Ian Swann (Laser, HISC). Richard Bailey of Emsworth (Laser) did not race, but still leads the series to date, followed by Bakker.
In the slow fleet only 11 boats started Race 5, Jess Carter (CYC) in her Topper showing the way home. Three Mirrors from Itchenor followed, sailed by Henry Heath & James Dickinson, Thomas Weston and Patrick Jefferies, and Edward & Celia Hansell. Although Jess Carter was first over the line in Race 6, Weston & Jefferies claimed 1st place on handicap and 2nd was the Mirror of Harriet & Helena Watkins from Poole, putting Carter in 3rd. Weston & Jefferies lead the series so far, followed by Carter.
Races 7 & 8 are on Sunday 16th February, starting at 11.00.

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Snowflake 3& 4 – Sunday 19 January 2014 
The Snowflake Series was blessed with a fine weather window for races 3 and 4, with sunny intervals and a south-westerly breeze of around 10 knots. The course was set as a trapezoid with an outer loop – a layout which suits the sailing area of Chichester Lake.
The fast fleet was swelled to 22 entrants, and again it was the visiting boats which dominated. Enthusiasm led a couple of the Merlin Rockets over the line too early in Race 3, but the Shoreham SC team of Alex Jackson & Fran Gifford showed how to win both on the water and on handicap. Two RS400s close behind slipped down the rankings on handicap, leaving 2nd place to the RS200 of Will & Mandy Henderson (Itchenor), 3rd to Steve & Sarah Cockerill in their Merlin Rocket (HISC). 4th was Charles Tavenor from Bosham in a Finn. Race 4 saw William Warren & Mark Oakley (Shoreham) redeem themselves from an OCS in the first race, their Merlin Rocket 3756 finishing just ahead of the Cockerills. Neale Jones & Sam Adam (HISC) were 3rd, also in a Merlin Rocket, with David & Fiona Sayle (HISC) bringing their RS200 home 5 minutes later to take 4th place on handicap.

The medium fleet comprised 24 boats, mostly single-handers. In Race 3, Richard Bailey of Emsworth was well ahead of the rest in his Laser, but dropped to 3rd on handicap behind Mark Harper (CYC Solo), with Lucy Boreham 2nd in her Europe. Bailey was 1st home again in Race 4, followed by the National 12 of Chris and Ellen Hewart (Locks SC) and CYC sailor Derek Jackman in his Solo. On handicap though it was CYC’s Charlie Elliott, crewed in his RS Feva XL by Ellie McDonald, who won, with Jackman 2nd, and David MacLean (Solo, Itchenor) 3rd.
In the slow fleet 13 boats started Race 3, including 4 visiting Mirrors from Itchenor. Thomas Weston and Patrick Jefferies came in 1st, followed by Henry Heath & James Dickinson. Howard Lane (Lancing) in his Topper came home 2nd but dropped to 4th on handicap, with Henry Chandler (Emsworth) taking 3rd in the only Optimist. Race 4 gave the same results for first 4 places.

Latest results can be found HERE

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Snowflake 1& 2 – Sunday 5 January 2014 

Montage Photo by Laurie Winther 2014

The Snowflake Series started with 2 races on Sunday 5th January, in grey overcast conditions and a gusty southerly breeze of 16-20 knots. The course was a trapezoid with an outer loop.
In Race 1 of the series, there were 16 entrants in the fast fleet, including 6 from CYC. It was the visiting Merlin Rockets which dominated however, taking the first 4 places both on the water and on handicap: Nick Craig & Allan Roberts (Felpham SC), Steve & Sarah Cockerill (HISC), Alex Jackson & Fran Gifford (Shoreham SC), and William Warren & Mark Oakley (Shoreham). Craig & Roberts won the second race, followed home by Warren & Oakley. Just a second behind to take 3rd on the water was the RS400 of James & Anne Gardener (HISC), but they dropped to 6th on handicap. Jackson & Gifford took 3rd place, relegating the Cockerills to 4th.
The medium fleet comprised 20 boats, 6 from CYC. Race 1 was led by the single-handers, Richard Bailey (Emsworth) taking 1st in his Laser, followed by Geoff Sherwood (HISC) sailing very fast in a Laser Radial. Lucy Boreham was 2nd equal on handicap in her Europe, followed home on the water by Ian Payne (CYC), but he was beaten on handicap by the Solos of Gerome Bakker (HISC) and Ray Collins (Locks SC). In Race 2, 1st home was Bailey, but Sherwood beat him on handicap. 3 Lasers and a National 12 crossed the line next, but it was Bakker in his Solo who took 3rd place.
The slow fleet of 11 boats had 7 CYC entrants, but the visiting Mirrors from Itchenor, sailed by Edward & Celia Hansell, and Tash & Sarah Ewart Smith, took 1st and 3rd places in Race 1, despite being beaten on the water by Jess Carter and Charlie South, both CYC Topper sailors, in 2nd and 4th. In Race 2 the Mirrors were beaten into 4th and 6th by the Toppers of Carter, Howard Lane (Lancing) and Charlotte Reading (CYC).

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Frozen Toe 7 & 8: Sunday 22 December  
Yet another scary forecast put off a few of the earlier competitors, whilst others were spurred on by the promise of mince pies and mulled wine before prize-giving. With wind and tide in the same direction, up the channel from Itchenor, Race Officer Nick Colbourne again set a compact trapezium + sausage.
From 20-25 knots at 9.30, the breeze had dropped off to 15-20k at the briefing time of 11.30, only to come back up again to 20-25k by race time, and with gusts of nearly 30 knots there were a few capsizes amongst the 6 starters in the fast fleet. Only 5 finished, Olivia Winther and Hatty Culver opting for the shore after sinking their RS200. First by a safe margin was the flying Fireball of CYC members Andy Palmer-Felgate and Rich Anderson. Our visitors from Felpham in the Laser Vago XD, Richard Bentley and Ian Anderson, came in second on the water, but dropped back to 4th on handicap, leaving 3rd to CYC sailors Nick and Roger Elliman (RS400).
Again with the biggest entry (16), the medium fleet was dominated by CYC member Ian Barnett in his Solo, turning up for the first time in the series, followed by Guy Mayger of Felpham in his. Richard Bailey (Emsworth) came 3rd in his Laser, despite being 1st over the line. In the battle of the CYC 2000s, Michael and Paula Olliff showed how much they have improved to beat Helen and Mark Green, some way ahead of Chris Hodge and Richard Smyth, who had a muddy masthead and a bent burgee.
With a bigger fleet of 13 starters, the slow fleet was led by the Emsworth RS Feva, crew Halliday with a different helm in Grace Summers. The RS Tera of Alex Butler from HISC was 1st on handicap, and Henry Chandler (Emsworth) took 2nd in his Optimist relegating the Feva to 3rd.
In the final race of the series, the Fireball flew round again, showing us all that flat is fast, and bagging the trophy. 2nd again went to the Hendersons, but with only 3 races they did not qualify for the chocs. The Vago hung in there for a 3rd place, giving them a well-deserved 2nd overall. The rest went back early for the MPs and MW, but the Ellimans gained 3rd overall in the series. The girls in the 200 somehow managed 4th, even though they only finished one race in the series, and found a beehive in the bow when they bailed it out after sinking again.
The medium fleet was again shown the way by Barnett, with 2nd and 3rd places reversed, with Bailey 2nd, though 1st home, and Mayger 3rd. 2000 helm Hodge managed to stay upright to beat the Olliffs. Overall, Mayger had a well-deserved 1st place through consistently good performance, while Mark Harper (CYC) nobly did his duty on the committee boat this week, gaining average points and a 2nd place overall. Lucy Boreham, in her Europe, took a very creditable 3rd.
In the slow fleet, places 1 and 2 were repeated, 3rd going to Celia Hansell (Itchenor) in a Topper. In the overall results, Howard Lane from Lancing (Topper) gained 1st place through consistently good performance. 2nd and 3rd went to CYC siblings Blythe and Raulf Berry in their Optimists.
Overall results for the 3 fleets combined are worked out by some arcane formula known only to the few. Medium fleet won all the cookies: Guy Mayger got the trophy, Mark Harper was 2nd, and Lucy Boreham 3rd.
Now the days are lengthening and spring is coming (some time), come back and join us for the CYC Open Snowflake Series on Sunday 5th January. NOR, SIs etc on
For full results see

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