Frozen Toe Sunday 29th November 2015  
29th November 2015

The Frozen Toe racing today has been abandoned.

No racing will take place today at CYC due to high winds and the tracking of the forecast has shown that it will increase as the day progresses.

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Winter Series - Frozen Toe Sunday 29th November 2015 
Tomorrow forecast is for strong winds: 40+ knots (46+mph) along the south coast.

(Wind forecast is shown in mph above)

With regards tomorrows scheduled 2 races the race office for the day will review the position at 0930hrs tomorrow and then post a notice either that we have abandoned or that we are continuing to hope to sail.

We will continue to monitor the weather tomorrow, and will post a notice if we find the weather does deteriorate forcing us to abandon at any time after 0930hrs.

The race team will be at the Club anyway if sailors are moved to come down, and a safety boat could be launched if any brave souls wanted to sail...

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Frozen Toe - November 15th 2015 
Frozen Toe

The second day of the Frozen Toe series was a complete contrast wind wise to the first, it was so windy it was close to being cancelled.

Jack Millar & Lauren Bentley - Flying in a Feva

However, the wind dropped a little allowing one race to be held. With a good few capsizes, there was some very exciting sailing – with some fantastic reaches…. Read More...

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