Armada de la República Argentina 1 Oppies 0 

Here's a little story for your Friday seems competitors at the 49th Semana Internacional del Yachting held at Mar del Plata got a bit of a surprise when the skipper of the submarine ARA Salta decided the best place to surface was in the midst of the Oppie regatta. Happily, the crew of the sub escaped without injury (never mess with a riled up Oppie sailor they bite) and no one was hurt in the incident, which was initially denied by the ARA despite extensive footage shot from the Safety Boats and elsewhere, although racing had to be cancelled as the sub took out a number of racing marks…

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Swimming conditions for Snowflake 7 & 8 
Lowering skies and a forecast that called for a frisky 24 knots gusting 37 probably had much to do with a number of sailors electing to sample the Sunday Papers and a full English rather than venture afloat for the seventh and eighth races in CYC’s Snowflake series. The southerly breeze saw Race Officer Martin Orton set a figure of eight course that took the fleets on a beat to the Birdham Pool wall before heading downwind in a hat trick of reaches to Bowling. Conditions dictated that those taking the left side of the beat benefitted more from the tidal eddy on the east side of the lake compared with the stronger breeze and the main stream of the flood found on the right. Downwind of course, the fun and games really began with a majority of the fleet sampling the water at one point or another.

In the fast fleet, David & Fiona Sayce showed that they are as quick in heavy weather as they are in the lighter going claiming first on the water and corrected time over William Warren & Mark Oakley with the first asymmetric Paddy Gamble & Anna Patient’s RS200 in third. Meanwhile the Medium Fleet saw Guy Mayger’s Solo claim the cookies from Jonathan Bailey with CYC’s Ian Barnett in third.

Race 8 saw the fleets further depleted as the conditions continued to deteriorate and the bar seemed a better prospect than the race course. With a slight adjustment to the second wing mark the final race of the day got underway into the first of a series of squalls which while taken on the beat passed without incident caused carnage downwind with places dictated by who could remain upright for longest.

Once again, Mayger stamped his authority on the Medium Fleet taking his second bullet of day over Ritchie Bailey’s Laser with Mark Harper’s graceful wipe out on the penultimate leg allowing Barnett through to again claim third.

In the Fast Fleet, series leaders Sophie Mackley & James Warren were back to winning ways in their Merlin relegating over Gamble & Patient while another Merlin pairing in the shape of Hayling’s Dalby & Carroll took third. With just one more weekend’s racing to go it’s still all to play for with just 3 points separating the top three in the Fast Fleet with the Medium and Slow almost as tightly packed.

BTW we don't have any pics from this w/e but if you want to have an idea of what it was like riding with Fast Fleet leaders Sophie & James follow the link below (warning if you have a sensitive disposition turn the sound down!)

Ride the Black Pearl

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Solo Open 2015 

The page for the 2015 Solo Open is now up and running follow the link below for the Notice of Race Sailing Instructions and Entry Form.

Solo Open Information

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So what’d you do for half term Julia? 

“Not much went down to Spain beat about 500 other kids collected some Prizes came home”. CYC’s Oppie Queen Julia Mellers forsook the chilly weather and headed for the Costa Brava and the 26th Palamos Trophy regatta which forms part of the Oppies Nations Cup series. Julia led a 20 strong GBR contingent to do battle with 530 sailors from around the world claiming 3rd overall. Arthur Fry also put up a good showing taking a 9th to add to his win in Vigo in November.

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Forget Fed Week check out Race Week 

The Chichester Harbour Race Week (the new name for Fed Week) website is now live follow the link below for all your Race week info.

Race Week Info

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Champagne sailing for Snowflake 5&6 

© Paula Olliff 2015

Once again 60 boats turned out on the 8th of February to sample the glorious winter sunshine served up for the midway weekend of Chichester YC’s Snowflake series. Unfortunately, a light and faltering northerly breeze and a large dredger limiting the size of the racing area took a little of the fizz out of the champagne conditions. In both races Race Officer Pete Harrison set the fast and medium fleets a trapezoid course with an outer loop while the slow fleet contested an inner triangle.
In race 5 of the series the Merlins re-established their dominance taking five of the first six places with Frensham’s Nick Craig and Alan Roberts first over Shoreham’s Sophie Mackley and James Warren and William Warren and Mark Oakley with series leaders David and Fiona Sayce relegated to fifth.

Meanwhile in the Medium fleet it was a battle of the singlehanders with Emsworth’s Richie Bailey once again taking line honours but this time able to save time on the rest of the fleet to keep the top spot on corrected time over the duelling Solos of Hayling’s Nick Peters and Chichester’s Mark Harper.

The slow fleet numbers were reduced, perhaps due to the impact of early half term breaks, to a match race between the Feva XL of Emsworth’s Alexandra Sosens and Julia Martin and the Felpham’s Finlay Swanton in his Topper with the ladies carrying the day in race 5 with the results reversed in race 6.

In the Medium fleet the fight for the spoils again saw Bailey and Peters duking it out for the top spot before Bailey again carried the day while Chichester’s Lucy Boreham in her Europe moved into third. Race 6 in the fast fleet could have been devided into the Merlins and everyone else with the Rocketeers taking the first five places though this time Warren and Oakley took first with Parkstone’s Richard Whitworth and Clloe Brennal in second and Craig and Roberts having to settle for third. Manoeuvre of the day prize goes to Derek Jackman (returning to the fray after a long post op lay off) who conclusively proved that a Solo does not go as quick if it's carrying a Laser.

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